Makserver established in 1999 is the fastest internet hosting and prime focus in Macedonia!

But Makserver has also international customers.


Makserver is reliable with up to date servers maintained in the USA and backbones in Canada. Backups are made on a daily base.

Because of that Makserver can promise a uptime of 99,9 % average each year!


Makserver gives out 1 month free to try hosting, this for you to check our service out.

Outstanding support with a No Good money 30 days return.


Bandwidth recover policy

What does this means?

Many hosting services offer you a limit bandwidth but in fact they oversell in the hope you dont use this.

We keep the bandwidth reserved for you as YOU own this, You bought this.

So if one months you go over the limit we minus the not used bandwidth on your account!

So no hassles with extra billing or suspending accounts!


Makserver has TRULY 24/7/365 support with email live talk and phone support

Makserver does not hide behind a jungle of complicated support ticketing system.

Makserver has his own support message board.


Becoming a reseller for Makserver will make you money satisfaction guaranteed!

Or just sale bulk domains for Makserver and we will pay you!


Makserver web-space for every one!

Please contact us and send us a email



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